The Mission of Join and Win is to accelerate profitable growth through partnering with start-ups and entrepreneurs active in Home, Health & Personal Care 

Join and Win combines Zobele Global Manufacturing Footprint, extensive knowledge in Product Engineering and Market Access to help scale your innovation, and together bring your products to life


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global footprint
one stop shop

Zobele Group is one of the world's largest producer of innovative and cost-effective product solutions for leading household, health & personal care brands, with both globally optimized solutions and regionally customized products.

concept innovation

Leverage on new technologies, consumer insights and business needs to deliver feasible innovative solutions.

product engineering

Assign multi-disciplinary teams to transform new concepts into feasible, cost-efficient ready-to-manufacture products.

manufacturing & supply

Guarantee quality solutions at a competitive cost and a flexible service worldwide.

one stop shop solution


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value proposition
our tools
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Partnership
  • Investment
  • Product design
  • Design-for-manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • IP management
  • Certification & regulatory
  • Global manufacturing footprint
    • Assembling
    • Packaging
    • Filling
  • Vertical integration
    • Injection & moulding
    • Electronics
  • Testing & Quality assurance
  • Existing global client network
  • Logistics and order fulfillment


Exchange information for product reviewing and filtering
  • Applying form
  • NDA 2-ways
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Offer screening
    • User
    • Technology
    • Business
Assess the start-up from different perspectives
  • Product/Technology
  • Business model
  • Start-up readiness
    • Team
    • Achievements
    • Legal structure
    • Financial status
    • Sales & Forecast
Opportunity business analysis and collaboration model selection
  • Business Opinion
    • Finance/Legal
    • Technology
    • Sales
    • Operations/Procurement
  • Collaboration model selection
Start acceleration program and follow up
  • Product Engineering
    • Testing and certifications
    • Design to cost
  • Manufacturing
    • Supply Chain
    • Logisitics
  • Client accessibility


Air Care

Looking for Air Care

hardware devices,
formulations & packaging
Air Freshening,
Pest Control & Air Purification 

Home Care

Looking for Home Care

hardware devices,
formulations & packaging
Surface Cleaning & Washing

Healt & Personal Care

Looking for Health &
Personal Care

hardware devices,
formulations & packaging
Skin Care, Hair Care, 
Nail care & Wellness


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